Ice Cream Flavors and Home Choices

Thursday, July 1, 2021   /   by Jo Reimer

Ice Cream Flavors and Home Choices

Ok, what does ice cream have to do with you selecting a new home? Maybe that it is where you will eat ice cream in the future, haha!  No, that’s not where I am going with this. ??

Ice cream brands have made whole campaigns on how many different flavors of ice cream they have.  I would image it is entirely possible if you get in a long line and listen to people’s selections it is quite likely the five people in front of you select five different flavors.  You know what?  That is cool and great that we all have something we can select that gets us excited for our sweet frozen treat.

The same goes for houses.  What might be my favorite home is probably not yours, and again, that is totally ok.  The key is how to find the home that is the very essence of you, the home that will get you excited for your life there just like that sweet frozen treat.

So how do you get there, how do you find THE ONE?  First is selecting a real estate agent that you feel totally comfortable with.  After that is having the conversation not just on how many bedrooms, what the kitchen needs to have or square footage.  As important as those things are it is going a bit deeper than that.

Letting that agent, the newest member of your home ownership journey, know your vision of home.  We have all had those visions when thinking about our home, what it looked like and what it felt like.  These things are just as important as the physical “stats” of the home because together they can and will find the home that is the very essence of you.

Have questions, want to talk about the vision of your future home?  Let’s chat, I am here for YOU!


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