Looking at your house through a buyer’s eye

Thursday, April 22, 2021   /   by Jo Reimer

Looking at your house through a buyer’s eye

I am talking to my sellers today.  It’s time to sell the house you have spent years decorating and setting up to perfection in your eyes.  I mean, how can someone not want to snatch it right up, it is beautiful, right?  Well, I want to direct you to a key part of the above thought, “in your eyes.”

While I have no doubt that home has been set up perfectly and served you so well for years but now that it is time to sell and move on to your next journey, we need to change the focal point.  It’s no longer about how YOU see it; it’s about how your potential buyers sees it.  Remember, the moment you decide to sell it’s no longer your home, it’s theirs.  Help them see it that way.

Let’s be honest, we don’t like all the same colors or styles, which is perfectly fine, it’s what makes the world such an interesting place.  The key to selling your house is to look at it through the eye of a potential buyer.  How are they going to see the wall colors, cabinets, and storage spaces?  How are they going to utilize the different spaces?  I hear you.  Besides knowing that a kitchen is a kitchen and a bathroom is a bathroom how are you supposed to know?  You can’t.  Especially because there will be multiple buyers coming through the space and, like we said earlier, they all might have different styles and favorite colors.

So, what can you do?  NEUTRALIZE!  If you have a bright orange room, paint it with a white or light gray, or even a warm beige.  Closets bursting at the seams?  Rent a storage space and clear them out so that a buyer can see the ample space they will have.  Better yet, get a head start on packing.  Figure out what items are to be kept, donated or thrown out.  That man cave dedicated to your favorite Titans or Preds?  Sorry, clear it out.  What if the new buyer is from Houston and a dedicated Texans fan?  This is NOT the time to start a rivalry.

You don’t always need to do major overhauls to prepare a house to sell but opening it up so that a buyer can really feel the true essence of the home and how THEIR life would be there is KEY!  Have questions on this or other aspects of selling your house?  Let’s chat, I’m here for YOU!

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