Love at first sight?

Thursday, May 6, 2021   /   by Jo Reimer

Love at first sight?

We have all heard the saying “love at first sight” regarding love but what about a house?  What are potential buyers very first sight of your house?  If you are getting ready to sell, especially now that spring has sprung it is especially important to know.

The answer, the exterior of your house.  Those few moments as they get out of the car and take in the full picture of a house.  The color, shape, materials and wait for it….the yard!  We have talked before about how you must prep and neutralize the interior of your house as you get ready to sell.  Letting people see their lives and their belongings in the space.  Particularly important steps to have your house ready for the perfect buyer but we cannot forget about the outside spaces.

I know you have just spent time and money getting the inside ready and now I want you to prep the outside, yikes!  Well, the outside does not need to cost big bucks to fix up most likely just some elbow grease.  You do not need to plant trees or reseed the yard most likely, just trim it up.  The last thing you want when a potential buyer drives up to your sale house is to see long grass, weeds and overgrown bushes and trees.  Two reasons for this first they see work right off the bat before they even step inside to see all the other things you have done to make your home beautiful and ready for them.  Second those overgrown bushes and trees will distract from the look and feel of your home lessening the impact it could have on potential buyers through pictures and in person.

So, as you get ready to sell make sure to pull out the lawn mower and clippers and give the yard a good once over to show off the true essence of your home.  Create that “must buy” impression from the very second a potential buyer gets out of their car.

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