More than the house

Thursday, April 8, 2021   /   by Jo Reimer

More than the house

When thinking about purchasing a home there are so many things to think about, right?  You need to figure out how much house you can budget for, down payment, mortgages, insurance, inspections the list goes on and on.  Whether it is your first home or final the numbers and coverages may change but the process is still there to make sure you home is set up, protected and perfect for you.

I want to take a moment though and discuss the process past the house itself.  At least think past that to the streets, neighborhood and town that surround that perfect house you are dreaming of.  As you make those lists of wants for your house and you figure out the financial aspects of the process to share with your realtor there is one other list, I want you to make.  This list is the key things that are important to be “right down the street” or within driving distance basically your neighborhood list.  These are the places or things that are going to be important to your life now and a few months or years down the road.  These things are especially important to know and share with your realtor so that you can discuss not only the right type of house but the type of neighborhood that will fit you and your lifestyle.

Let us talk through an example or two.  Say you are a young couple that is purchasing their first home.  Right now, you want walkability to good bars and restaurants but are kids a potential?  Sure, that may not be decided right now but think about how long you intent to live in that home if kids are on the table it might require a second item on the list of school ratings.  If you know kids are not on the table, you can add urban locations to your list so your realtor knows they can explore those options for you.

Another example might be pets, Are you a pet lover?  Maybe being near a dog park would be high on your list or a pet store nearby or dog-friendly businesses and restaurants.  You certainly want to share that detail with your realtor.

So, as you figure out all your home buying needs and finances, I encourage you to take an extra few moments and make that neighborhood “wants” list to help your realtor zone in on not only the perfect house but neighborhood for today and years down the road.  If you have questions, feel free to reach out as I am here for YOU!


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