Selling, Buying and Moving OH MY!

Thursday, August 26, 2021   /   by Jo Reimer

Selling, Buying and Moving OH MY!

It really is kind of like the old saying “Lions, Tigers and Bears OH MY!”.  The thought of having to move while selling your current house and buying a new one is enough to make anyone scream.  So many details!!!

The first step is to find the right people that can help you on all sides of the equation.  How does that work?  Local, local, local is the biggest thing to remember.  First thing to think about is whether you are moving within the same real estate market or if you are selling your current house because you are moving farther away. 

Why is that important?  If you are moving locally you need to find a local realtor that understands the market’s day to day results as that will be key in the selling of your house as well as finding a new one in the time frame you need.  To go right along with that idea, use a local lender.  Again, they understand what is happening in that market each day and probably already have a working relationship with the realtor you hire.

Moving out of state?  Local still applied because your local realtor in your current market can refer you to a local realtor in your new market while working on selling your house.  That relationship and communication will be beneficial in hitting the marks to make your selling then buying process smooth.  Add in a local lender that can work with both those realtors on the timeline and financial aspects of this equation and you are bound to get good results.

Why is that important, well starting local and working through that person’s connections can pay dividends mainly with understanding and communication.  If they work together and understand all aspects of your timeline, process, and finances you stand a way better chance of all the dominos falling into place then if you are chasing after people who don’t know how important the process is for you.  The other important aspect is if your folks are local in their markets, they understand the day-to-day nature of their particular market and can communicate that to the other people involved to streamline sales, closings and financial transfers. 

Let’s face it you have enough to worry about with your move, let the right people help you hit the marks you need to take that stress off your plate.  Have questions about the process of selling and buying at the same time and what needs to happen, call me.  I am here for YOU!!


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