So much information, how do you make sense of it?

Thursday, September 23, 2021   /   by Jo Reimer

So much information, how do you make sense of it?

If you are like most people, the idea of buying your first home has been in your head for a while.  Maybe you start looking online at different options, reading that article on how mortgages work or watch that new segment on how it is a sellers’ market.  It’s a lot of information in a whole new area for you, right?

All that information is before you voice the desire to purchase a home aloud to your family and friends. Now you have a lot of information and many opinions on if you should buy a home and how to proceed.  You are more confused than ever, and you don’t know what to do, am I right?  However, through the information overload the desire to own your home is still there.  It might be confused but it is still there, so what’s next?

The best next step that you can make is to find the local realtor who is right for you.  Key part of that statement is for you.  This home isn’t going to be for your brother, best friend, or uncle who “knows a guy”.  You will be living there, making all the decisions, and paying for it so at the end of the day the one who has to be happy and satisfied is you.

Your realtor should listen to what your needs are, what your situation is and what you need.  That local realtor can also connect you with a trusted local lender.  Why is that important?  Local lenders just like local realtors have an intimate knowledge of the local market and what areas and programs might best fit you.  You can also see and speak with them both face to face and it is the same person every time ??.  Not a punch 6 for, and wait for an answer.  The markets move fast, and local folks can get you an answer when you need it.

So don’t let the big picture of national news articles freak you out.  Don’t let the multiple opinions of others who haven’t purchased a home recently confuse you.  Select a team of local professionals that will seek the same goal that you have.  The goal of getting you a home that is the very essence of YOU!

Have questions, let’s chat.  I am here for YOU!


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