Talking about the $$$

Thursday, June 3, 2021   /   by Jo Reimer

Talking about the $$$

We all know that buying a home is probably one of if not the biggest investment that you are going to make.  Not only the investment in your family’s future but it is a lot of money committed over many years.  It is also one of the most exciting ventures as you journey towards home ownership.

In the current market it is more important than ever to have the financial aspects of this journey set up before you start taking a deep look at potential homes.  Finding a qualified mortgage loan officer or broker that you feel comfortable with is the first step.  That individual will work with you through the process to find out just how much home you can afford, how much money you will need to pay for things like inspections and have at closing and any potential programs that are out there which could benefit you.  And it doesn’t hurt to talk with more than one lender as each has their own criteria and programs.  I had a client come to me with her own lender and was pre-qualified for $240,000.  I got her with one of my lenders and was able to get her up to $270,000.  In this market that difference helps a lot!

It is critical to know these things as you venture out to find that qualified realtor that will partner with you to find the one that you will call home.  Having that pre-approved mortgage number will set this journey and partnership off on the right foot.

Homes are moving faster than ever so knowing and preparing your finances will set you up to put in a good offer for that perfect home.  If you are not ready to make that offer with the needed approvals and documents behind it, I can tell you the chances are you will miss out on that home.

This journey requires teamwork, like any large goal you will not get there alone.  Trusted teammates and confidants will help shape that journey.  So, as you venture into the biggest investment you will make have the experts on your side to navigate the complexities.  Get your “training” down before game time to have a clear financial picture so that when you find the home that is the very essence of you the work done will have you in absolute best place to land it and call it home.

If you have questions about getting started on this journey, let’s chat.  I am here for YOU!

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