Tightrope Walking

Thursday, July 29, 2021   /   by Jo Reimer

Tightrope Walking

If you need to sell your home to move somewhere new and need to buy a new home, it certainly can feel like a tightrope walk.  Almost no matter where you go in this country real estate is fast moving.  It is stressful enough to sell a home or buy a home but having to navigate both at the same time, YIKES!

Like most everything in life it can be done.  The key is who you put on your “team” through the process.  Even Tom Brady cannot win all those Super Bowls without his full team.  So, what is first?  Lenders and realtors.   It may be beneficial to check with more than one lender to compare interest rates and costs.  The key is to start locally with where you are, find the best local lender and realtor who can not only help you with the sale of your existing home but connect you to the best local folks in the new market.  Why local you ask?  Because they have the close knowledge of what is happening in that market on a day-to-day basis.  That can be critical in markets that are moving in a matter of hours not days.

The other key part to working locally and branching out to your new location is the networking aspect of it.  If your local lender and realtor know who they are working with on the “other side” they will be able to fully understand your situation in terms of finances and dates.  They will be able to assist in setting things up so that you can close properly on one then the other and that the finances flow exactly how you need them to.  That communication could save you from extra amounts of stress, time, or trouble.

If you are wondering how to get started, let us talk about the details of your specific situation.  I am here for YOU!


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