Life Happens

Thursday, July 15, 2021   /   by Jo Reimer

Life Happens

It does not matter how hot the real estate market is for sellers or the lack of inventory for buyers.  Life keeps happening and decisions need to be made on a whole host of things that pop up while living this crazy thing called life.  One of the biggest decisions might be if you need to move or find a new home.

Listening to the “tale” of the current real estate market can make that part of life scary, I am sure.  Truth is, it is not as easy as it would be in a buyers’ market to find your new home, but it can be done.  The important thing is to figure out where you need to be from an area perspective, what you need in a home and what you want in a home.  Once you have created that list of items, here is the linchpin to the whole thing, get your finances lined up.  Not a short conversation with a lender on what might be possible but an in depth, forms filled out examination so not only do you know exactly how much you can spend but the process is so ready that the dominos will fall easily the second you find “The ONE” and put in an offer.

I hear you asking, “isn’t that always what you do when buying a new home?”  You are right it is, but the key now is being ready to make decisions quickly because you most likely won’t have the option to “think on it”.  If you have your pre-search decisions made and your finances all lined up, you and your realtor will be able to move with much more agility to navigate this quickly moving market.  The offers are coming quickly and in bulk on each property, so you need to be ready to make decisions fast.  The expertise of a realtor who really understands you and what you want can be critical in the heat of the moment when putting in your offer.  Local knowledge of the market by both your realtor and lender can pay dividends.

Life happens, it moves forward, and decisions need to be made like buying a new home.  It can be done, get the assistance you need and put in your work to help the process early so that perfect home can in fact be yours in this crazy market.  Have questions, want to talk about your life situation give me a call.  I am here for YOU!


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